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ego death

hopelessness, hopelessness, this is the way my mind drifts. i've had it, i've had it, i've had it up to here. sights are locked in now, beyond the point of no return. on a one way course with death, in my mind the world will burn. hopelessness and a burning pit, you never believe me, you"ll never believe me you never will. so for now, all bets are off, all guilt absolved I will be your whipping boy. for God, Jesus, Hitler, Satan love and war. Beat me to death and leave me on the floor. In grey mottled ecstasy, A test tube hysterectomy. an abortion post natally A renewal in a pool of energy.

Tradition of Violence

locked down at the age of nine, abandoned and abused. Left alone- learned violence, revenge and petulence. I live in your death, your death lives in me... Your traces will vanish, your body will feed. Hood, a long history, lynchings hangings drunken debauchery. WE CREATED THIS. Turned unto itself. We created this... locked in a cell. A moment of remorse, a knife in trembling hand, flesh absorbing flesh .. make me into what I am. Turn the other cheek motherfucker, turn the other cheek. I ingest your past .. consume your totality Motivated by hunger .. sustained by mortality. Unwilling to accept the truth, theres only one way to hold on to you. I'll make you into something new, assimilate your attributes. It's eye for an eye now everyones blind. Eye for an eye for an eye for an eye. Unwilling to accept the truth theres only one way to hold on to you. I'll make you into something new, assimilate your attributes.


She opens up like a book, solitude, and my open wound. Now I'm in her grip. A lifelong dream , a flash of light. An intertactive interconnection, The impossibility R- Forces are aligning,if you don't act you are deciding today You will obey. A nightmare of death She is hanging on the cross. arms outstretched, needlemarks and scars she becons out across the wasteland. I take her hand. she fills me with her poison gift, and we walk away across the sand Deeper and deeper I slip, coming back everyday Until finally I can't crawl out, And in the dark I stay Spiralling into this angry pit I die a little everyday Drowning in her arms, Until I slowly fade away


Sweet discipline of denial, Intimate with nothing Soft illusions of love, Satisfied with nothing. Each and every soul contains the same capacity Empty inside - Who did this to me? Lives so small, cold kiss of loneliness they break my heart, because they exist Sick discipline of denial - intimate with no one Sick illusions of love, satisfied with no one And the planet continues to spin like it did when I was a child And the planet continues to spin, like it will after I die
written by Leif Hansen


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